Viju | Viju and CityIS join forces
Viju joins forces with CityIS to create a leading global player within the visual communications and collaboration technology market. In response to the growing global demand for videoconferencing and collaboration technologies, the companies realize that by pooling their competence and capabilities that they will be well positioned to offer true global solutions and services to the market and their large international customer base.
Viju and CityIS have both experienced strong organic growth within the last four years. They have increased their joint revenues from $18 million in 2005 to $92 million in 2009, with combined growth rates of 31% in 2008 and 29% in 2009. Both companies have expanded their staff and office locations significantly during this period; the new entity will employ over 200 people from 13 offices across Europe, North America and Asia. The companies have established a strong platform as a specialist global provider within a visual communications megatrend and have ambitions for significant growth in the coming years.

CityIS has developed a strong brand and will continue to operate under this name as part of the Viju Group. The Chairman of Viju, Mr Rune Jensen, will act as Chairman of the CityIS companies and will be joined in the local Boards by Viju’s CEO, Mr Kurt S. Helland, the Founder and Chairman of CityIS, Mr John N. Thompson and the local Managing Directors Mr. Stephen Gill in the UK, Mr. James de Poortere in the USA and Mr. Michael See in Singapore. The owners of CityIS will be owners in the Viju Group and Mr John N. Thompson will join the Viju Group Board. Mr James de Poortere will continue to own shares in CityIS Inc, alongside his ownership in the Viju Group.

“Both companies have experienced strong growth despite the financial turmoil in recent years and we have an optimistic view of our joint growth potential in the coming years as the general investment climate improves. In a longer-term perspective, we believe that it will be unusual not to be able to see who you are talking to across distance, whether it’s from home, your desktop, a conference room or larger rooms such as auditoriums, control rooms or large visualization centers, and we are well positioned to serve the professional part of this market.” says Rune Jensen, Chairman at Viju.

“CityIS’ global reach and strong position in financial, pharmaceutical, legal & media verticals and managed services, combined with Viju’s leading position within advanced collaboration and visualization solutions for the international Oil & Gas industry, is a winning combination. Expanding the Oil & Gas business from CityIS’ international locations and bringing our collaboration managed service solutions to Scandinavia are among the prioritized growth areas.” says John N. Thompson, Chairman at CityIS.

“Viju’s strong financial position will accelerate further growth and expansion throughout the United States.” says James de Poortere, CEO at CityIS Inc’s. “The market potential is huge and with Cisco’s acquisition of TANDBERG, our most important technology partner, we believe that the general awareness of visual communications and its collaboration advantages will increase our market growth significantly.”
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